Sunday, January 23, 2011

SAHM, WAHM thank you MAA'M..........

Basically a SAHM ( stay at home mom) is just that. You stay home, be a mom, take care of the household and all the family members. This is a full time 24/ 7 job. A WAHM ( work at home mom) is a SAHM that works a job from home or runs a business. I'm not sure what acronym you use for a mom that works outside of the home...anyway....more women are finding ways to earn extra money to contribute to the household from home. Direct sales, blogging, online auction sites, websites and probably even more than I have mentioned that I don't even know about. I have been struggling with the idea of going back to work, part time or full time and I have been tossing around the idea to start a business. I have researched several direct sales companies that I think I might truly enjoy I have found several deciding factors you need to consider before you commit to any company. For example; you really should commit to a business that offers something that you believe in, a product or service that you can stand behind and truly love because if you are anything like me you couldn't lie your way out of a paper bag. Another factor to consider for me is the cost of starting up and the money you need to put out for advertising, small gifts for party hostesses, office supplies, etc. I have also considered if there is a need for my product or service in my area. Of course, you may not worry about this too much since there is always ways to offer your service or products online to millions of people. I would love to hear from any SAHM's that are also WAHM's on your business or service you offer and how you chose to do what you are doing.

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