Friday, March 26, 2010

Date Night!

I am so excited! Tonight my husband and I are going on a date while our daughter stays the night with her Nanny and Papaw. We decided to find something fun and inexpensive. We chose to go to our local bowling alley to take advantage of thier Friday Night Date Special. This includes a shoe rental, one coke, one popcorn per person and 2 games of bowling for 12.00. I think this is a great deal! We havent been bowling in a very long time. Also, in the bowling alley, they have a small bar called the Tiki Lounge that offers Free appetizers on Friday night! What are you doing for your date night? How do you keep the cost for your date low?

Monday, March 22, 2010

CHA CHING!! Look at all the goodies I got in my mailbox today!

Today, in my mailbox, was a bountiful array of freebies I just had to share with everyone!
I recieved:
Fitness Magazine (FREE)
Taste of Home Magazine(FREE)
Sample of SouthBeach Bar
SouthBeach Bar coupon
Kellog's sample pack ( sample of fiber one cereal, granola, flower seeds, coupons)
Pampers coupons ( 2 10.00 off jumbo pack)
Luvs coupons ( 1 5.00 any package)
Check from Swiss Colony ( 26.00) Must of been an overpayment of our bill??
Huggies diapers sample
Vitamin Water coupon for FREE BOTTLE ( 2 coupons)
Iams coupons B1G1 FREE dog and cat food ( 4 coupons)

This is Keeley helping mommy open the mail :)


I earned enough points from swag bucks to redeem 2 5.00 pay pal giftcards! That is 10.00 for free just for using thier search engine. I am going to use my 10.00 to purchase coupons from ebay so I can save even more money! You can check out swagbucks and sign up at :

Friday, March 19, 2010

Amanda's top 5 websites

Obviously saving money is a big part of my life being a stay at home mom. One of the ways that I save is by clipping and printing online coupons. I check some of my favorite websites on a daily basis and sometimes I check them several times a day if I have the time just to see if there are any new coupons or offers out there. A lot of times the coupons that are printable reach thier print limit within no time so its very important to print the coupons as soon as you find them. Anyway, enough of that, in no particular order, here are my favorite websites:

Monday, March 15, 2010

YAY!! I was chosen to host a Green Works Kids Gear Swap House Party!

Have you heard of
If not, its a website in which you can join and sign up for different house parties you can host. I have hosted a couple of parties so far from Splenda, Alli, and Arrowood Sandwhich Thins! If you are lucky enough to be chosen, you get access to your own free party website, printable party favors and a free party pack in the mail filled with goodies.Just check out all the goodies in the green works party pack:

•Green Works® Natural Laundry Detergent samples

•Green Works® Natural Compostable Cleaning Wipes samples

•Kashi® TLC® cereal bar samples

•Kashi® TLC® product coupons

•Bear Naked® cereal or granola coupons

•Brita® coupons

•Horizon® Dairy coupons

•Silk® Soymilk coupons

•A Hidden Valley® The Original Ranch® Dip Mix

•A Nalgene® bottle

•Sierra Club® note card packs

•A Sierra Club® window sticker

•A Lowe’s® / WebMD® Healthy Home Guide
If you might be interested in hosting a house party check out
Good Luck and let me know if you get selected to host one the parties!

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

One of the main reasons we decided on me being a stay at home mom is all the illnesses we have incured in the past 16 months. When I took a job working at a daycare I immediatly became ill with a sinus infection and strep throat. Then I took a job at the hospital. From there I developed bronchitis, a second sinus infection, phnemonia, another run of strep throat, pink eye, stomach virus and ear infections. Right now as I am typing I have pink eye in both eyes and strep throat. My husband has had a fever and sore throat all weekend. My daughter is just getting over Roto Virus.My husband has basically had everything I have had. My daughter has had several illnesses due to either being in daycare or from contracting it from her father and I. I am amazed at the money we have spent on copayments for visits and medication. One sick visit is $20.00 and the medication is between $20.00 to $100.00 each time one of us has been sick. That is just the cost for presciption medications. This doesnt include the OTC stuff like Tylenol and Pedialyte. I am hoping to save money and our health by being at home. Has anyone else had constant illness due to work or daycare? How do you handle it? I am excited to know!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Looking for ways to earn extra cash

Its 2:57am and I am looking up information on the WWW on delivering phone books to make some extra money. Since I am recently unemployed, I am trying to think of ways to help support our household. From the looks of some of the articles online, delivering phone books is hot, back breaking work. From what I understand it is very important to choose the right delivery route that has mostly apartment buildings or homes clumped together...(trailer park?), a big truck or SUV and even a tow dolly or one of those baskets on wheels, if you click the link below you can seen a picture of one:
I have read people are making 20.00 a day to 20.00 an hour! Does anyone have any experience in this business adventure? If so, I would love to hear about it.